Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relax and Play

Whew! Finally, I am done with my task, earlier while I am eating I am feeding my daughter at the same time she is so hyper she cannot wait for her turn for me to put the spoon in her mouth.

She keeps saying AH AH AH want some more food LOL next step after this post we were going to the bathtub to relax and play. My hubbies just call me and check me out what I am doing because I never call him since he left this house.

He said in the phone that probably I am sick because his phones never ring while he is at work LOL...usually I call him from the minute he leaves the house LOL...

Anyway, guys keep blogging!

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Boiling Ham

I am boiling the ham right now so that I can fry it soon it is already past 3:00pm and I do no have lunch yet. My daughter is also complaining that she is hungry so I am going to prepare her food.

I am happy that one more task to go and I are almost done; I am planning for a walk soon after we eat. I am making rice as well so it will be a yummy lunch LOL...

Anyway, I hope you guys having a good day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RV Camping

My friend and I have a chitchat yesterday while we are chatting I mention to her that hubby and I has plan to visit her soon. She was so happy with the news and excited about it.

Anyway, my friend told me that they just got back from rv camping she told me during their vacation they find the perfect RV campground.

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Nap Time

My daughter is taking a nap now but my other extra girl is still awake and making a big mess probably. I am not exactly sure what she is doing because she is in our room while I am in the living room finishing my online job.

My eyes are getting sleepy as well so I am going to check her out soon and lay with her. I just need to finish some tasks first then go to bed.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for visiting!

Affordable Computer Memory

Before I went to US my hubby and I bought computer for my family so that every now and then we have communication. But lately my sister is complaining that she is having problem with the computer.

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Playing with her Buddy

It makes me laugh when I hear my daughter talking without me understanding it. Right now she is playing with her buddy she is saying a word that nobody can understand it aside from her.

The little girl is touching her probably she means enough now LOL I do not want to play with you anymore because I am tired and I want to take a nap LOL...Both of them do not have a nap yet so I better put them in bed.

So, see you again later for more details.

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Spaghetti For Lunch

I am so hungry earlier when I decide to make spaghetti for lunch, now that the food is done I am not satisfied with the outcome it is not the taste what I am looking for.

I didn't buy any Filipino hotdog because the price was ridiculous it is double price compare to regular hotdog that we can buy at Wall*Mart.

How, I wish hubby and I can go for a vacation so that I can eat the food that I want in my country back home. Sigh, crossing my fingers here!

Affordable LCD TV

I was little bit upset because my hubby didn't check out the old TV before he threw it out, if it's still works or not. Now, my step daughter is requesting a new LCD TV for her room. Good thing that store is offering affordable price when it comes to LCD TV.

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Lucky Me

We have so many foods in the kitchen but most of them I just neglected because I do not fell like cooking and eating it. Yesterday I was craving for Filipino style spaghetti but we don't have enough ingredients to make the stuff.

Since hubby and I were going to the city I ask him if we can stop by at the Filipino store to get some stuff that I needed for spaghetti. I was lucky that he know that I cannot take no for an answer if I want something so he said YES...

I know that I am an spoiled rotten baby so lucky me LOL... Anyway, we bought the stuff yesterday and my tummy will be full for sure today!

Happy blogging and enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Contemporary Bed

When my family and I moved into our new places we forget to unload some furniture and one day when we check it out we found out that some furniture got damage because our dog get into the trailer and he chewed the girls mattress and some other stuff. How I wish when the person open the trailer door don't forget to lock it so that it don't happen. It was frustrating to see what happen at first but oh well, I cannot do something about it anymore because the damage already represent.

I remind them to become extra careful because it cost us money to buy Contemporary bed. However, I found a good deal online which are my hubby and I happy with the price. If you guys are looking for affordable prices when it comes to Contemporary bed I would suggest you to check out the link that I have provided above for further details.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Tonight my hubby asked me question if I remember something then after wondering for a while I told him oh yes, your daughter turn to 14months old. He told me aside from that what else? I couldn't think anything else so he told me to look at the calendar and after checking out I found out it was the Friday the 13th LOL...

By the way, we all know that Friday the 13th is unlucky day because of the old superstitions believe...whether that belief exist or not let's pray and hope that we are safe whatever we do today.

Happy Blogging!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Gifts

Valentines Day is already over but still I am looking forward to receive flowers during our wedding anniversary. He knew that I am super addicted when it comes to pink roses so I know that my hubby will give me what I want. Another thing that I am wishing to have is new laptop so that I can do my online job through the comfort of our own room instead of doing it in the living room. Poor hubby need to work hard so that he can give me what I want LOL...

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Cold Outside

I just went out to check if we have mail today and it is freaking cold outside I don't like when the weather is too cold because I cannot handle it LOL while I was outside my ears and hands are numb and it drive me nuts...

Oh well, I cannot wait until summer comes because I can do my outdoor activities such as gardening, partying and many more ing LOL...

Anyway, I don't have plan in going out again I am going to wait until the weather will become nice in the next few days.

Happy blogging folks and thanks for visiting!