Sunday, July 3, 2011


Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

Vacation! I can’t wait for the next three weeks to be over because when they are I get to leave on my cruise…yeah! I’ve yet to go on a cruise and I love the water so I think this Caribbean 7-day is the perfect choice for my boyfriend and I. There are tons of activities planned on the boat and we both intend on doing several day trips so it should be a totally restful and fun week of vacation.

Our house is all ready for us to go, I think, and I just found out that has some good alarm specials, so I may look into that since crime in our neighborhood has been on the rise these last few months. I can’t wait to get on the road but I have to make sure everything’s wrapped up at work first or I’ll be in a world of trouble when I get back! Is anyone else’s boss like that out there? He’s the whole reason I need this darn vacation so badly!