Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comfort Inn New York City hotel

My husband is at work right now, he just call me a minute ago to reminded me to get ready because soon he is coming home and we were going to go the city to get the trailer license plate and it will take us four hours to get to the place.

So, for sure it is a long day for us because we will be in the road for a total of eight hours. I think it is another road adventure for me again so I need to make sure that the camera is with me so that I can take picture while we are on our way to the city.

Anyway, if you are planning to travel in New York and you are looking for Comfort Inn I will highly recommend you to check out their website for further information.

So Busy

I am so busy since last week, I am sure you can tell also because my last update was been more than a week. My hubby and I always out in the house to do some cleaning around the yard and in the garage.

We need to be done cleaning before we take off for vacation I hope three weeks from now we can leave in our house and have the fun in other state. The weather in our place is getting nicer and nicer but sometimes we still have nasty weather which is much better compare last month.

When we get back from vacation I think we were going to pack some stuff again and move into other house. It is not fun moving but we do not have a choice right now because it is more convenient to us to live in a nice house especially that we have kids around us.

Anyway, happy blogging all and enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nuphedra Review

While, I was on the table eating for supper my daughter keeps bugging me. She is begging for some food even I am just done feeding her. I was very busy earlier that is why we eat late supper tonight.

After, my hubby and I done eating I went online right away because my hubby told me that my sis wanted to chat with me. I didn't know that she call earlier while I was doing stuff outside.

Anyway, my sister just want me to read nuphedra review diet pills.

Sleeping Right Now

I am thankful that my daughter is still sleeping right now because I can do my online chores. She is been sleeping for more than an hour now and still she is in a deep sleep.

I am going to prepare her food soon because for sure she is hungry when she wake up. I was busy earlier so I forgot to feed her. All I know when she wakes up she will going to complain.

Anyway, I am going to finish first my chores then prepare her food. I hope you all having a good day!

Pool Supplies

Spring is already here but still the weather in our place is still unpredictable sometimes is it cold and sometimes the weather is nice. Despite of the unpredictable weather the girls are requesting us to assemble there swimming pool so that they have something to do during there is no school.

I told my hubby that we were going to need pool supplies such as Pool Chemicals, Lighting Systems, Pool Cleaners and more. Today, I found out that Totalpoolwarehouse.com is the best site to check out when it comes to your pool needs.

After I went to Holiday

Earlier, while I was preparing for lunch my hubby told me that he is going to run to town to get some parts. I told him that I am going with him because I am going to buy my favorite bread at Holiday station. So, my hubby waited me for few minutes for me to get ready.

While we are on the way we seen old grandma doing 35miles per hour while the speed limit is 55 so, my hubby decided to pass them so that we do not need to wait that long.

After I went to Holiday station I seat down in the truck and wait for my hubby to be done shopping. At, few minutes staying in the truck here comes the old grandma knocking my window.

I was scared at first because I do not know what she wants, after hesitating for few seconds I decided to talk to her and good thing that I found out that she just want to know the exact direction that the place there heading.

So, that's all for now and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Benefits of Stemulite

I am not that old yet but I feel like I am getting older , because I am tired most of the time. I think I need to find stuff that will give me energy all day long.

Anyway, after watching the commercial Stemulite it caught my interests because according to the testimonial they gain more benefits from it. Those people who take stemulite experience deep sleep during the night, Increased Muscle Gain and Endurance, Increased Weight Loss and Fat Loss and Increased Wellness and Energy.

I should try to buy some for my hubby and I so that I can see the difference. If you want more information just simply visit their website.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleep Pretty Good

I sleep pretty good last night I did not even notice that my hubby gets up so early and go at work. He did not bother to wake me up because he knows the other night I do not have much sleep.

By the way he will going to be home early because we were going to run to the city and do some shopping while the girls are watching concert. My friend wants me to buy some stuff for her so we were going to drop by at oriental store.

I hope you, guys having fun see you later.

Best Weight Loss Pills

If you were going to ask me if I rather watch the baby or work I would say work because I will going to earn money and at the same time I can provide her basic needs. It is been awhile that I am work at home mom so I want something new.

Aside from that, staying at home is not fun for me because I am gaining too much weight. Which is soon I need to find best weight loss pills so that my hubby will be happier with my figure.

Anyway, if you are looking for weight loss pills I suggests you to visit Getdietsolutions.com website right now.

Garbage Day

It was garbage day today and I almost forgot about it, when I went outside and drives to dad's house I have seen the garbage truck by our neighbor and I was worried that I cannot bring the garbage on time.

The truck was on the road and I have hard time passing them good thing that the garbage man that was in the middle of the road move for me so that I can go around and pass them.

I really taught that I cannot make it and thanks goodness that I get rid the many junks that was setting in our garage. Well, that is all for now and see you around.

Eye Cream

Are you looking for eye cream products that will get rid wrinkles around your eyes, eliminate dark circles and even reduce puffiness underneath your eyes? If so, I would suggest you to visit Eyecream.org now! Eyecream.org is offering eye cream products that will work for you the best.

If you are interested to learn more information please do not hesitate to click the link that I have provided above. Have fun guys and thanks for visiting!

Britney Spears Tickets

I went to Craiglist to check out how many people still looking for Britney Spears Tickets for concert later at Target Center and I find out there is a lot of them. I was lucky that my friend purchase early ticket for my step daughter because if not, I do not know if we can make it today because my hubby is so busy.

Later my hubby and I were going to bring my step daughter to my friend house so that they can watch the concert together while hubby and I were going for shopping. I do not like to spend money in the concert that is why I decided not to go. My step daughter for sure will have fun because she likes Britney Spears so much.

Well, going to give you more update when we get back from the city I hope you all having a good day!