Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My daughter just woke up so I do not have much time anymore to do something. I need to priority her or else if I do not pick her up right away she will going to scream and scream. I know she does not get enough of my attention since I am always busy so, whenever I have time I give her attention so that she does not think that I ignore her all the time.

Anyway, my father wanting me to buy his stuff so I do not really want to disappoint him so I am going to do it for him. How, I wish he can think of something else instead of cigarettes. Well, he is a smoker since were little I do not think he will going to change. I just check today a cheaper way how to buy his needs so I am going to purchase it so that I can save money a little bit.

Anyway, time for me to get ready for work you all have a good one and thanks for the visit. I hope you find what you are looking for see you later for more update.


I really need to hurry because there are chores waiting for me. I just ask my hubby if he could bring me to work and he ask me back if I really need someone to drive me to work. Well, it will going to be a snowy day so why not let him drive since he can handle those kinds of road.

I hate to drive when it is snowing, so I am going to take the opportunity while he is in the mood to bring me to work. I know it will not going to be fun for him but it is a big favor for me so I guess I have to do something fun for him later. What about cook him his favorite meal LOL.

I guess it will be alright if it is day time but at night I can barely see so I am not going to take the chance. You all have a good one!

Technology Ignoramus

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Technology is just not my area of expertise but when you own your own business you have to be an expert in everything. I’ve been working with an IT guy in my neighborhood for a few weeks on getting things done around here that need to be upgraded and he’s helped me back up all our old files as well as go to t1internet.net to make sure we’ve got the fastest internet available. I feel like we’re in a better place now than we’ve been in weeks and that’s really comforting. There were times when I felt like I was in over my head and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has these issues – getting in touch with my IT guy is like trying to arrange an appointment with the president! But at the end of the day all the big decisions are still in my hands and that’s intimidating – I want to do right by this company and make sure it’s around for the long haul.


I really do not look forward when it is tuesday and thursday because it means I have to get up earlier than my normal schedule. Well, I know someone is excited when that day comes because she is excited to go school no one else which is my daughter.

Well, I am happy that we enroll her in pre school because she is learning how to socialize people. Next year it will going to be a challenge for her since she is going to go in a bigger school and more kids to play with. She always had a blast when she comes home from school so I am sure she will do the same thing next year.

You all have a good week days and thanks for the visit.