Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My daughter just woke up so I do not have much time anymore to do something. I need to priority her or else if I do not pick her up right away she will going to scream and scream. I know she does not get enough of my attention since I am always busy so, whenever I have time I give her attention so that she does not think that I ignore her all the time.

Anyway, my father wanting me to buy his stuff so I do not really want to disappoint him so I am going to do it for him. How, I wish he can think of something else instead of cigarettes. Well, he is a smoker since were little I do not think he will going to change. I just check today a cheaper way how to buy his needs so I am going to purchase it so that I can save money a little bit.

Anyway, time for me to get ready for work you all have a good one and thanks for the visit. I hope you find what you are looking for see you later for more update.

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