Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busy At Work

I am super tired today we are so busy at work and of course we move our butt to work all day long. After I get home I prepare our supper and then we eat together. I have a long day so pretty soon I needed rest.

I hope I have a day off so that I can relax and work my stuff online. I guess it is better to be busy to stay away from trouble and make some money you know. I hope you all having a good day. See you friends later!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Electrical Supplies

My hubby and I always need a lot of electrical supplies because we are building a new house and of course we always wanted to buy a cheap one with good quality.

I know it is somewhat hard to find a good deal but you know with the high technology we have right now it helps a lot to compare price which company offers good deal. Anyway, I am going to prepare supper now you all have a goodnight.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I am getting super sleepy but I do not want to lay down because I still have pending chores that need to be done. I already did bunch of stuff since morning but I guess work never end.

I am getting stressful because I am super busy with so many stuff. I guess I am going to reward myself later after I am done working I am going to take a nap and have a wet dreams that way I relax and rested at the same time.

Free People

Earlier I check out my winter clothes if I have enough jacket and found out that I still require few clothes so I am going to buy one pretty soon. My hubby told me that I should check out Free People because he knows that I am going to like some clothes in the store.

He was right after I visit their online store I found the type of clothes that I am looking for. Since I like online shopping I am going to shop later after I am done working.


My daughter asks for a bottle not too long ago so I told my husband to give her some bottle before he goes out. So my hubby give her bottle and since she likes chocolate milk in her bottle she throw away her bottle after she founds out that there is no chocolate on it.

I know she was disappointed but she should not throw her bottle. I spank her butt because I do not like when she is naughty. She cries and act that she is sorry. I told her to say sorry and she did. She is a good girl and sometimes can be naughty but you know in order to become a good woman someday discipline is very important at her young age.

Orlando Villas

We have so many stuff right now going on in our house. We have to pack all our stuff to get ready to move. After our busy schedule I am going to take a break and you know go for vacation so that we can relax. I might check out orlando villas later to see if they have a sale when we are ready to go. Well, give you more update with our upcoming vacation.

Thanks for the visit guys have a good weekend all!

Work Early

My husband told me earlier that he is going to work early so after I wake up late this morning I work in the kitchen right away and prepare his food. I usually feed him before he goes to work.

Anyway, after our friend call he decided to stay in the house a little bit longer and watch movie together with his friend. I was happy because we spend a little bit of time even I was too busy working in the kitchen.

Pretty soon after I am done working with my chores I am going to take a bath because we were going to run to the city when he gets home.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Flash Drive

My sister told me that she is looking for affordable flash drive because the one that she has it got lost. Anyway, while I was online and searching for her flash drive I came across at online store.

At they offer USB flash drives, secure digital SD cards, mini SD cards and many more. Please check out their website for more information thanks and you all have a goodnight.

Daughter's Cranky

My daughter and I cranky together because I want to work online but her she wants my attention whiles I am typing. I know I should spend time with her but I have to finish my job because it is deadline today.

She keeps grabbing my hands while she is crying. I wanted to finish my chores so that I can play with her a little bit before she goes to bed. She must be really tired because right now it is past her bed time.

I am going to hurry now thanks for visiting.