Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emergency Alert System

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Before I went to bed last night my hubby asks me if I can drop him off in the store in the morning so that when I want to use the car to go somewhere I can use it . Well, I wake up too early today so I prepare my hubby stuff that needed for work.

We went to the store first then we waited for few minutes until his brother come. I headed home and when I arrived at home my daughter is still sleeping. She normally wake up early but I guess she was so tired so she sleeps so good.

Anyway, I am going to prepare my daughters need if in case she wake up her bottle is waiting at her. Happy weekend all and have a fun day as well!

Business Insurance

Way back home many people do not have the business insurance because they do not know the importance of having insurance. Well, when I move here in the US I just understand that insurance is really important to anyone because if in case something happen the insurance is there to take care the needs.

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Friday, August 21, 2009


My daughter is so picky. Every time I give her something to eat she will going to taste it and then spit it. I do not know what I am going to feed her because right now she just depends milk.

Sometimes she likes banana but usually she rather have just some milk all day long. Well, I guess I am going to try my best to make her eat. My hubby and I bought vitamins for her because it will help her a little bit.

Anyway, see you again for more update have a fun day all.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Wrinkle Creams

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Friday, August 7, 2009


Disgusting! My daughter went to her sister room and pick up garbage in there with pads and she saw food and she puts it in her mouth. It is just like I am going to puke after I saw her doing it.

I was her hands very good because it is really disgusting imagining what she did. I do not like her going out in the room without me because everything that she will see she will going to put it in her mouth.

I hope she will forget putting something in her mouth because it is not so safe to leave her alone. Anyway, that is the update for today and thanks for keep visiting.


Every morning after my daughter wakes up I am going to turn on the televisions for her so that she can watch the learning channel and learn from it. She likes watching shows while I am feeding her.

I know our TV is nearly old and I guess pretty soon we have to buy one. Today, when I was online I came across store. At their offering televisions for very reasonable price with free shipping.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fell Sorry

After I arrived from work my daughter trow her full bottle into my eyebrow and I get lumps from it. It hurts and it makes me cry a little bit. My daughter fell sorry that she hurt me and she keep kissing me afterwards.

I am happy that my daughter care my feelings. She was so sweet and it just like if she can talk she will going to tell me sorry MOMMY I do not meant to do that. Well, she is not old enough yet and she does not know what she is doing.

At her young age it is somewhat hard because she tease me if wether she can be a boss sometimes. I guess it just normal at her young age right now. I do discipline her and I am going to teach her how to become a better person when she grows up. Thanks for reading and you all have a fun day.