Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New York Accident Lawyers

I was at work yesterday when I found out that one of my friend got into car accident. Well, she was lucky that after the accident the damage is not that much. The most important she was safe and of course next time she will learn how to become more extra careful in driving.

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Go Outside

I have to go out and play my daughter outside she is been wanting to go out since earlier but I was to tired to bring her outside because I do not have enough sleeps last night.

Right now she is having fun with her ball we buy her three balls last night and she loves it. Tomorrow I am going to bring her again to my friends house and meaning have to wake up early.

Gosh, how I wish I have a family to help me but that is life so I have to deal with it LOL. Anyway, I am going to get ready now have fun all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GMAT prep

If I have time I am going to study so that I learn more stuff. Well, it is not too late yet so I just have to wait the right timing. I heard that GMAT prep you can study wherever you want or wherever you are. I think it is pretty good because it will going to fit my busy schedule.

I am going mention this stuff to my friend and I am sure she will going to be interested because I know she is planning to go back to school long time ago. Anyway, if you are curios what I am talking about just check out the link above to know more information. Thanks!


My daughter is so busy playing with her dirty clothes good thing though because I can work with my stuff online. Next week I am not sure if I have time doing stuff because I will be busy.

My crazy schedule starts to drive me nuts so I have to do something about it when I cannot handle. You know I want to make money that is why I want to work and work but when I do not have time for my family I think money is not that important.

I want to earn money but I have to spend quality time with my baby and my hubby. Gosh, I hope I will win lottery soon so that I do not need to work LOL...Well I am dreaming here and it is free anyway so who cares?

Video Surveillance Equipment

It was last week when I went to work with hubby and the house that we went to has the video surveillance equipment. It amaze me how that stuffs works because even they are not home they still can monitor the house.

I am so interested in buying one because when my hubby and I went for a vacation for five weeks we can see what is going on in our house. I better check because I heard that they offer affordable prices when it comes to video surveillance equipment.

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for my hubby to come home it is getting late at night and still he is not home. I know he is still working but I want him to be home before my daughter sleep.

Lately we do not have much time for her because we are busy with work. She just see us for few hours then go to bed right away. Tomorrow I do not have to work but I will be busy because we have so many stuffs going on in the house.

We have showing in the house and I hope the people buy it right away so that will be done marketing the house. It is hard to move from here to anywhere but no choice because we have to earn some money.

Anyway, that is all for now and thanks for the visit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rackmount LCD

How I wish my hubby will bought me a rackmount lcd so that it is easier for me to use the laptop. Anyway, today when I was looking for affordable rackmount lcd I came across online store. At they offer rackmount lcd for very reasonable price.

If you are looking for rackmount lcd just check out the link that I have added above. Thanks and have a good night!

Work Six Hours

This morning I wake up too early. I prepare the stuff that my daughter needed for the day and then afterwards I drive to my friend house since she is going to baby sit my daughter for a day.

My daughter knows her already so she is not so scared to be away from me. After I left my friends house I went to work for six hours and then I pick up my daughter. I just work six hours today but I was on the road for about five hours.

It is really suck driving that far but no choice since I need to work, and I need to earn some money. How I wish it just like in PI that I can let my family watch her. Anyway, that is the update for today and you all have a good day.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black and Mild cigars

My friend and I always enjoy at work. She is fun to be with even though we have big age difference. I guess age does not matter as long you are happy with the person you are with. Anyway, She likes to smoke and I guess buying her a Black and Mild cigars can make her happy.

I know she will appreciate it a lot because she always says thought counts. Anyway, if you are looking for Black and Mild cigars just check out the link that I have added above. Thanks!


It was my birthday actually yesterday but I was just so busy to make an update here in my blog. I need to go out early yesterday because I have the church appointment. I was happy that after waiting at the right timing everything went well.

Finally my daughter christening will be held this Sunday and after that we were going to have a picnic and have a good time with some friends. I know the whole family will going to have the fun this weekend.

What about you what keeps you busy. Anyway, I have to do my job now and will see you again for more update.