Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Branson Vacations

I am happy for my friends because the can go anywhere they want since they have a money. The last time I talk to her she told me that they were going for Branson vacations. I am sure that she is excited since she never been in that place before.

Well, if my hubby and I can afford next year to go somewhere else I wanna go back home first and then go visit another state. I hope my dream come true. Well, I have to work hard for that though and then save money. Well see what will happen. Thanks for the visit.


I am happy to see that my hubby knees condition is getting better. Today, finally his knee is not hurting so bad like it used too. I hope his recovery continues because I do not like seeing him in pain.

I know it is not fun when you have a broken ligament because you cannot do stuff. I was so worried how we can survive but until now we are still kicking and alive. I know that god is always good so he will not give us trials if we cannot handle it.


I am so lucky to have my daughter at her young age she likes to help me whatever I do. She likes doing household chores with me everytime she saw me doing chores she will always told me I wanna help you MOM. I am proud of her because I can tell that she is really a good kid.

During night time I have bonding time with her. I always read books before she goes to sleep and she likes it. I am always done reading all her books so I am going to buy another one. If you need books you might wanna check out the link provided above thanks for the visit.

Woke Up

I woke up this morning and I decided to eat by myself because usually my daughter and I eat together during breakfast. She was still sleeping when I went to the kitchen so I just let her sleep because I was starving.

While I was in the middle of my breakfast she woke up and went straight to the kitchen and she saw my food and she told me it was her food. I give her my food even I was not done eating. She was also hungry because she finish the food that was in the bowl.

Next time I better prepare her breakfast to make sure she has something to eat when she woke up.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hunter Ceiling Fans

When my hubby and I renovate my daughters room we did not put any ceiling fan because we taught it was ok not to have one. After having a hot weather we realize that she needs it so right now my hubby and I am planning to buy Hunter ceiling fans so that we can install it in her room.

I know that she will going to love it so I am so excited for her to have the ceiling fan in her room. It will going to comfort her for sure during hot days so I better check out the price to see if they offer good deals.

Anyway, thanks for the visit and you all have a good one.


I do not want this blog to be dead so I am going to do my best to update this one. I taught I write more than two article in the months of August when I check it out today I was surprise that I actually just write couple of them.

There is no more excuses for me because I do not have work right now so I should able to update it. Well, when laziness strike that is the stuff that happens so being lazy is not allowed anymore.

Thanks guys for keep visiting you all have a good one.