Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Groomsmen Gifts

Are your loved ones getting married and do not know what gift to give? If so, I will recommend you to check out groomsmen gifts or Bridesmaid Gifts website. At their website they offer wedding gifts for very reasonable price.

Actually, I might buy one so I am going to give you update which one I buy. Anyway for now, if you are looking for wedding gifts just check out the link that I have added above thanks!

Jollibee Las Vegas

Gosh, it is just like I am back home I can eat everyday at Jollibee . I like jollibee compare wendys and mcdonalds which is you know why for sure. The taste is unique and you cannot find the taste anywhere else aside from jollibee outlet.

Anyway, my hubby and I love eating at Jollibee everyday. We never get tired driving there even it is few miles away from our hotel. After this vacation I am sure I am going to miss Jollibee. Oh well, who knows in the next few months we can go back home and visit many jollibees as we can.

Fat Burner

The last time I saw my sister was three years ago. Although we talk a lot but I miss her dearly. I know that she is dealing with some problem right now but I am sure she will going to be alright because she is a nice person.

Anyway, today after I talk to her she asks a favor if I can find affordable fat burner for her. I think buying her a fat burner can make her happy because I know that she will like it. If you are looking for cheap and yet quality far burner check out Fatburneradvice.com website right now!

Zion National Park

This picture was taken at Zion National Park in Utah. We wonder for few minutes and then we have to leave right away because we got to the park little bit late. From Utah we drive to Las Vegas and then we got to Las Vegas about midnight. We did nothing during the first night because we all tired.

Right now I am so tired. It just like I need two days sleep. We been away from home since Friday so I am sure after we get back from vacation I need a lot of rest before I go back to work.

Vacation is fun but it is so tiring too!!!
Hubby and Daughter

Hubby and Daughter

Myself and Daughter

(Our Huge Van 10 passengers Fit)

Hubby and Daughter and our Van

Vitamins for Men

I am going to check out vitamins for men because I know my hubby needs it. Lately he is been a workaholic and barely gets some sleeps.

Well, I am sure he will like taking vitamins so I better check out Mensvitamin.org website now. At their website their offering multivitamin reviewed. So, if you are looking for vitamins for men check out their website right now for more information.


I am really hungry right now but my hubby is still laying down and he is not yet ready for breakfast. I told him that he need to hurry because my belly wants food LOL. Well, I know that he need to relax for a little bit so I am going to give him few minutes.

I might go down and check out the breakfast in McDonalds. Anyway, my daughter is whining so I am going to check her out. You all have the fun and thanks for the visit. See you for more update.

Diet Pills

My mother is really picky when it comes to diet pills she always wonder wether the diet pills will going to give her side effects. I cannot blame her though because she is just careful and I am sure theres nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, today I visit http://www.dietpillsideeffects.com I like their website because they have a reviewed which diet pills do not give side effects. To know more information check out the link above.

Sin City

My daughter have so much fun last night. My hubby and I decided to bring Megan in the arcade and oh boy, she wants to play and play. We even watch the show of the magician and the show were pretty good.

Afterwards, we decided to go walk for about 30 minutes and of course it was fun. I am so tired last night but it is worth it because I love sin city. I am happy that hubby always spoiled me so lucky me!

Diet Pills Reviewed

My family and I am having fun right now because we are on vacation. Last night we watch the light show and it was really cool. After we get home I went online and read about diet pills reviewed. While I was reading I learn that some diet pills doesn't work which is true I agree.

If you are looking for diet pills you should read the diet pills reviewed first. Just simply click the link above for more information. Thanks for the visit friends and have a good day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Las Vegas

My hubby and I arrived at Las Vegas around 10:00pm and we decided to eat at jollibee. The food was good and probably later were going there again. I did not sleep well last night for some reason.

Well, I am going to take a nap later I am really tired right now. But before I can do that I need to start working with my tasks so that I have the peace of mind. Anyway, have a good one folks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Direct Mail Marketing

My hubby and I am planning to check out in the hotel pretty soon but before we go headed for our next destination he want me to check out if I can find affordable price when it comes to direct mail marketing.

While, I was online and searching for a company that will offer affordable price I came across Printdirectforless.com. At Printdirectforless.com they offer discount color printing option which is that is the stuff that we need. Anyway, if you want to know more information just check out the link that I have added above. Thanks!


Friday, I decided to go back to the doctor because I was not feeling any better. Were supposed to leave early Friday for our vacation but it did not happen because we have so many stuffs going on.

Around 10:00pm we finally left home and right now we are on Colorado. My hubby decided to stay at Best Western Hotel for the night so that we can all rest and get freshened today.

I feel little bit better and I guess I am ready to travel for another ten hours on the way to Las Vegas.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


My hubby and I have been talking in building a business but it is somewhat hard to start a business because we are not sure if we were going to loss our money or profit from it. We are still in the process of studying which one is really in demand in the market because we know that starting a business is really a risk.

Well, today I search and search how can I market my products and I came across Roianalytics website. At Roianalytics website they have a system that you can measure your sales opportunities from your website which is really interesting. Well, if you are interested to learn more about Roianalytics I will recommend you to check out their website right away because I am sure you will learn a lot from them.

Anyway, my daughter just wake up and I am going to feed her pretty soon then we were going out. You all guys have a good day and thank you for the visit.


My daughter is still sleeping. I hope she wakes up pretty soon so that we can run to the post office and change address. Yesterday, the closing of the house finally made so there is no reason in going back into that house.

I hope our other house sales this year so that we can build our dream house and live there forever. I do not like moving and moving because it is so tiring. It doesn't bother to my hubby to keeps moving but it bugs me a lot.

Anyway, I am going to check out my daughter to see if she is awake now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Credit Repair Services

My good friend of mine want to buy a property but before she can do that she need a company that will offer credit repair services because she told me that her credit score is not yet stable after all those bills being paid off.

Well, I am sure that she can fixed her problem in no time because there are many companies out their offer for credit repair services for very reasonable price. Well, to know more information you should check out Mycreditgroup.com website right now thanks!

Bladder Infection

Friday, I call the hospital to see if I can go there for check up but the doctor that I want, was not there. So, the lady that handles the schedule arrange my appointment and my check up was yesterday.

I keep avoiding to go to the doctor so that we do not have to pay another bills and it was not really good what I am doing. From too much avoiding to see a doctor I face consequences now. I am on medication right now because I have a bladder infection. The doctor told me to try the antibiotic first then if the things will not change my infection might already spread into the kidney.

Gosh, I hope everything will goes well because I absolutely do not like my situation right now. I am not so comfy during the night and it feels like I need to see again the doctor pretty soon.

Online Sheet Music

My daughter love to sing any kind of song. If she hears the song once she will going to sing it over and over again even though she cannot pronounce the word properly. Well, I guess it doesn't matter as long she is happy what she is doing. I am thinking in checking out the online sheet music because I saw that is ready to download and print instantly available for any kind of instrument.

Well, I am sure my daughter will going to like it especially when the Christmas season comes she is old enough to understand what the songs all about. Anyway, if you are looking for online sheet music I will suggests you to check out Virtualsheetmusic.com. At their website you will find the Christmas collections and it is ready to download. So, if you are interested to learn more information just check out their website right now or click the link online sheet music above. Thanks for the visit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Time

My hubby and I am going to run into the other house pretty soon. I am just going to do the quick update and then we were going to go because I do not want to get home late.

He buys a second hand refrigerator and I want to see it. I hope it works because we needed refrigerator for the other house. I am going to do some cleaning after my hubby has done working in there. Anyway, I hope you all have a good time.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Door Hardware

My hubby and I always run to the store when we needed door hardware for our house, that were building right now. I know that I can shop online but I am not sure which store to buy that is why today I do some research which company will offer door hardware for very reasonable price.

If you or loved ones looking for door hardwares please check out Doorhardwareplus.com store right now for more information. Thanks!

Nice Weather

My daughter likes to go out and play outside. We have a nice weather today so I cannot blame her if she want to go out and have some fun outside. I do not have time to take her out today because I am still working with my stuff.

I am not sure what time I will be done but I am almost half way done. I am hoping to be done in a hour or so more so that I can take a nap. I am tired because I did not sleep well last night. Bye for now and thanks for the visit.

MMF Drawer

I heard that mmf drawer is really secure to have when you have a business. My friend always talk that she likes her mmf drawer and she keeps convincing me that I should buy one for hubby since he knows that my hubby need one.

Well, I guess when we have enough money I am going to buy one for him because I know that he needed it. I am going to check out now Posmicro.com to see what is the mmf drawer available.

Paypal Debit Card

I got my paypal debit card today and it just take seconds to activate the card. Now, when my other debit card run out of money I can use the other one if have some money on it.

It did not take long acutally to get my debit card after I apply it. I guess the card arrived around four days. Anyway, I am going to finish doing my stuffs see you later for more update and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Security Cameras

My hubby and I am supposed to be leaving pretty soon to go for a vacation but I am kind of worried of our stuff because we were going to be gone for a month or so I would like to purchase security cameras to monitor the house while we are gone. Today, when I was online and searching for security cameras I came across Securitysystemspro.com.

At Securitysystemspro.com they offer security camera for very reasonable price. So, if you are looking for cameras check out their website right now thanks.

Woke Up

My daughter and I just woke up. My hubby did not sleep with us last night because he has some stuff to do in the other house. I was so tired last night so I told him that I do not care he can sleep in the other house as long he gets back in the morning.

Well, I check him out this morning and he sounds tired still, I guess he just have few hours sleep since he is so busy working. Anyway, I am going to check out what we can eat for breakfast. See you later and thanks for the visit.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Credit Card

I like to apply for a credit card but I guess it will going to happen after I build my credit. My hubby owns a credit card so if I need stuff I keep using his credit card. Good thing that hubby does not care if I told him that I needed to use his credit card.

Everytime my hubby and I went for a vacation we always use a credit card we barely bring cash with us because it is more convenient that way to use credit card instead of pulling cash in the wallet all the time. Anyway, today when I was searching which company offers internet merchant account processing services I came across Highriskaccount.com. At Highriskaccount.com they offer Credit Card Merchant for very reasonable price. So, if you are looking for credit card I will suggests you to check out the link that I have added above. Thanks and I hope you all have a great day.

Something Today

My daughter is really something today we went to the store and she keeps trowing her tantrum at the store. Every minute she lay down in the floor if she does not get what she want she screams and cry so loud. If I am just in my country back home I am going to spank her but you know I cannot do that here because if someone seen you spank your kids they will going to think that you're abusing your kids.

Gosh, it drive me nuts I cannot go shopping and buy the stuff that I wanted. After getting one item I decided to go home because I cannot handle her attitude today. She was just crabby like heck which is not fun at all.