Saturday, January 28, 2012

Secretive Friend

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

One of my friends at work is very secretive and I find it so strange. We are friendly at work and sometimes go to lunch together, but she will under no circumstances talk about her personal life. She will only discuss work related issues, and it gets really boring. It’s not even like any of us pry and try to find out information that is very personal. Even when we are all having a simple conversation about random stuff like how many direct tv channels we each have or where we went to college she shies away and won’t participate. I guess she must have had a bad experience at a previous job. I understand not wanting people at work to know too much about your personal life but she is taking that to the extreme. I think it is just making people think she must have some freaky secret hidden away. Maybe she is just shy. Sometimes I mistake shyness for unfriendliness. I guess I have to realize that not everyone wants their life to be an open book.

Busy Like Crazy

I am so happy that my little one is sleeping right now because I can do some work online. I have been so busy like crazy so I do not really have time do all my work especially that I watch kids at day time and later in the afternoon I have to go to work.

I really need to budget my time so that all the chores will be done in time. I need to buy some calendar organizer so that I write down what need to be done in the day.
Anyway, I hope you all having a good night and thanks for the visit. Bye for now! Thanks for the visit by the way!