Sunday, January 31, 2010


What did you do yesterday? My hubby and I went shopping the whole day and we get home late last night. It was so fun shopping because I found what I am looking for and you know I am so happy when I found a good deal of the stuff that I want. My hubby supposed to work yesterday but he end up of going with me and drives us in the shopping center for about two hours from home. It is a long drive but I do not care because I like to go on that shopping mall because they offer really good deal.

Last night after I get home my sister is waiting at me to come online because she want to know if I know where she can find stainless steel, brass, aluminum which is custom manifold. Well, I remember checking out Manifoldcenter before and I know that they offer cheap price. After my sis check out the website she was so happy because her question was answered. If you are looking for stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and other metals check out the link that I have added above for your manifold needs. Thanks!


Gosh, I am so tired for the last two days I always go to bed so late and wake up early. Today, I did not sleep well because I think in finishing all my chores it need to be done before I get busy again.

My hubby and I am really busy we always run to the store because we needed many stuff for the house. I hope it will be done pretty soon so that we can go for a vacation in the next month or two.

I need to finish many chores so I hope when I go for a vacation I am done with all of the stuff.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Insurance

Finding a home insurance quotes can be confusing sometimes. But, you know to find the right one you need to become resourceful and I guess it also requires patience. Well, that is we all need because we have to be careful in choosing the right company.

Nowadays there are many options in checking out home insurance quotes you can do it through the comfort of your home. For more information just simply click the link above thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passport Pictures

It is been a busy day for us my hubby and I wake up too early in the morning to go to the airport and after that we stop many places to get some stuff that needed for the house. It takes us so long to get my daughters passport pictures because she does not want strangers taking her picture.

Well, after waiting for so long finally I asked the lady if we can take her pictures and she agrees because whatever we do it will not going to work for her. I got her passport photo today and I hope it will works because it was not a perfect shot.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My friend told me that she is been gaining weight lately. Well, she told me that she barely eat and still she gains some pounds. I heard from the doctor that if the person does not eat breakfast they have a bigger percentage to gain weight because their metabolism will not going to function well.

I guess it is true because I heard a lot of stories about it. Anyway, I know pretty soon she will going to need liporexall and I am going to tell her to check it out if it will work for her the best. I hope you all having a goodnight. Time for me to go to bed and dreams. Bye for now folks!

Winter Time

Winter time is the hardest part for me to work because every morning I am just so tired and so lazy to get up. Well, I guess that is life unless I run my own company and I can work anytime I wanted too. When you work with someone and you know always have the obligation to work in time even we do not like it.

My wish this year is to have my own business evens I do not earn a lot from it. I just want to earn some money in order to help pay bills and you know buy the stuff that I want.

Best Wrinkle Cream

I am not that old but few years from now I am going to be old. I should protect myself of getting much wrinkle because I am sure it will not be look too good. My friend told me that the best wrinkle cream she is using works really good for her.

Well, you know it is not a bad idea in putting something in our wrinkle skin like using wrinkle cream because it help a lot to boost our self esteem. Anyway, I am going now and thanks for the visit.


I always buy lottery ticket but lately I am just so lazy to buy one I keep forgetting and you know lack of interest because I never won LOL. My hubby evens asks me if I still buy lottery ticket because he knows I am so fanatic when it comes to Powerball.

Well, I heard from many people that it is a waste of money but in other hands I guess the money that I spend in lottery it helps them to make them richer LOL. Well, I am going to buy lottery ticket again. If I do not buy one I will never won anyway.

Seo Tools

I was talking to my friend one time and she is telling me about this seo thing. I heard about seo long time ago but I really do not know how to figure it out. I heard that if you know how to figure it out you can generate traffic and then make money from it.

I heard a lot of stories about seo tools and it is really interesting. I guess I should check it out so that I learn from it and then apply it on my own website. Well, lets see next week I am going to read about more seo tools.


My throat is been bugging me and I keep coughing and coughing and I hate it because I have hard time breathing. I hope my cough goes always because I do not want to get sick. I need to work so that I can take home some money LOL.

With the upcoming vacation we were planning we need thousand of dollars especially that five of us are going. The plane ticket it not that cheap so my hubby and I need to work hard for few months in order to have a great vacation.

Free Directories

I am kind of disappointed because every time I check my website if I have page rank on it always says zero. I guess it is my fault because lately I did not do some work on it like submitting it on free directories so that my website will be indexed.

Well, I hope next page rank update my website will improve because I really want to gain traffic and you know I like it when I have unique visitors because it will help me to expose my website. I hope you all having a good day.

Apply Passport

My hubby and I need to apply for a passport pretty soon because I heard that if we do not apply it right away it will going to take us six to eight weeks to get the passport.

Well, I am going to plan it this week because I just get a call that I do not have off anymore and I have to work all week long. Well,for money wise I like it but honestly dealing with the babysitter is the hardest thing for me because I have to drive that far especially that the person that look after my daughter went for a vacation.

Acne free

My brothers know that my whole family well going to take a vacation back home and he wants me to buy something like acne treatment. I know that he is been suffering acne for a long time and I should check out some acne treatment so that he will be acnefree when I found acne treatment for him.

Having acne is not fun because I know many of my friends that have the acne and they do not like it. Anyway, well see if if they offer something that will fits my brother needs.


This morning I was in a hurry to go to work because same as usual I am running late to work. My co-workers was early at work so she did some jobs while I was not there. Well, it went well and we get done early at work and after that I check my hubby in the other house.

I did not rest yet because I go back to the other house and pick up my hubby because he needs to drive the bobcat into the other house. Then tonight I guess I am going to work until I get tired I want to be done with my chores wether it is online and house chores.


I am going to submit my resumes pretty soon because my friend company is hiring right now. I hope I can get a job in there because they offer well benifits for workers.

My hubby and I need one because right now we do not have a good benifits because we are both self employed. I would like to work in a company which will offer a fair salary and you know a benifits because that is the one we need.

I am going to cross my fingers that I will be hired. Anyway, thanks for the visit.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally I am Here Again

Finally I am here again to update my site I am just so busy for the past few days. Yesterday I have a birthday party for my daughter. I did not uploaded the picture yet but pretty soon I will so that you friends can see it.

It was a busy day since Friday because I myself almost prepare everything from the food to the decaration. My friend came early yesterday to help me prepare some yummy food. I am thankful that I have a friend that always there to help me.

Well I guess we are lucky to have one another because we help one another when we needed help.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


My friend told me where I can buy affordable cigars. I told her that I do not smoke but my father does. I know when we visit my family back home my father would love to have a cigar from abroad. I guess since it will going to make him happy I am going to buy one for him.

Well, you should check out if you are interested to learn more information. Anyway, I hope you all having a goodnight. Bye for now!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ready For Bed

I told to my husband that we should get ready for bed pretty soon because I am really tired and then in the morning I have to wake up early to go to work. I do not like waking up that early but no choice because you know I need to make money in order to pay some bills.

Anyway, I hope soon I came up with something because I do not like working outside the house. Well, home business is really a good idea because it will fits my schedule and my little one will be happy if I am going to stay at home.

Insurance Quote

My hubby and I need to look for insurance quote for our new vehicle. I wish we can find an affordable one pretty soon because that is the price that my hubby and I need right now.

Anyway, I forgot that my friend told me to check out website so I am going to check it out pretty soon. Well, if you need insurance quote see you there then. Thanks!