Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girls Birthday

I know I will be busy preparing my girls birthday celebration. Their birthday will be on week days but I am going to do it on the weekend so that some of my friend can come to attend the birthday party.

I cannot believe that there growing so fast and it means I am getting older. I am going to enjoy them while they are little because when they grow up it will going to be a big change for sure. I cannot wait the day that I am going to become a grandma just kidding I hope it will not be too soon because I want my kids to stay little.

You all have a good one!

Stay At Home

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

Being a stay at home mom means I spend a lot of time watching TV but it’s not the kind of stuff you’d expect. My friends are really into Oprah reruns and talk shows and things like that and you wouldn’t believe it but I’ve gotten really, really into football. I watch all kinds of highlight shows and SportCenter (because we got all these new channels from and now I’ve even joined up with a fantasy league online and they don’t know that I’m a woman. I love being in the know about sports and I’ve always been highly competitive so it’s no surprise to me that I’m into this now. I think my husband would think it’s totally weird, though, so I haven’t told him I’m watching all these sports in case he wants to cancel the TV channels because he thinks I’m ignoring the kids. Of course I’m not ignoring the kids, they always have my undivided attention, well, at least unless the Bears or someone good is playing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am just so tired I do not have the patience teaching my big girl. I should not act like that but I cannot help it I need rest. Pretty much I am wore out working all day long chores. I know that she needs my help but I need rest too, in order to have the energy tomorrow.

I am just going to make it up to her tomorrow. For now I need plenty of rest because I barely have sleep since my little one is not feeling so well. Anyway, bye for now and have a safe new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011


I really did not enjoy the Christmas because all I have to do for few weeks are clean and clean it just like never ending cleaning. Oh well, I guess next time I am not going to host the party because everytime I have a party I have a lot of work.

It is ok I guess if my kids are big enough and they can take care of themselves. Anyway, the most important my girls have a blast and it does not matter how I fell. I just need to relax and everything will be ok. You all guys have the fun and thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Having our Broadway moment with Daniel Radcliffe

Guest post written by Sue Thurmond

It takes more than a little bit of dancing to entertain me. I guess that I'm somewhat picky about stuff like that, but I also love a really good play. I was glad that we were able to go on another New York trip this summer and as soon as I decided that we were doing that, I started looking up plays to go to.

I did a lot of research online about not only which plays are really good, but also which ones you can normally get discounted tickets for. While I was doing some of that research one day, I ran across teh site After I read through ti a little bit, I decided to sign my husband up for some hearing aid tests. I've been telling him to take some for a while now and he finally agreed to it. It ends up that he needed some and got them before we went on our trip.

We got some great tickets, at a great price, for the Daniel Radcliffe play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. It was so entertaining to see him do all that great dancing and doing something besides Harry Potter. I think that his career is going to do fine even though that franchise has ended.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

Vacation! I can’t wait for the next three weeks to be over because when they are I get to leave on my cruise…yeah! I’ve yet to go on a cruise and I love the water so I think this Caribbean 7-day is the perfect choice for my boyfriend and I. There are tons of activities planned on the boat and we both intend on doing several day trips so it should be a totally restful and fun week of vacation.

Our house is all ready for us to go, I think, and I just found out that has some good alarm specials, so I may look into that since crime in our neighborhood has been on the rise these last few months. I can’t wait to get on the road but I have to make sure everything’s wrapped up at work first or I’ll be in a world of trouble when I get back! Is anyone else’s boss like that out there? He’s the whole reason I need this darn vacation so badly!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blinds in Leeds

Until now I am not well adjusted at work yet because I am used to sleep early at night. But I kind the like my night schedule at work because I can watch my kids in the morning. Although I want to sleep longer in the morning but I could not because we do not have blind yet in the window. It is so bright for me and I have hard time going back to sleep. I told my hubby that we need to check out Blinds in Leeds and he agreed to me. This week since I have few days off I am going to check out what design I like and after I decided I am going to purchase the blinds that I want.

Anyway, I heard that offering the stuff that I need to I am going to check it out. If you know someone that looking for amazing blind and in affordable prices I will recommend you to check out their website right now. Thanks for the visit folks and you all have a wonderful day. See you later for more update.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Custom Labels

I am done folding all the clothes yesterday but my daughter makes a big mess again so I am going to work on that before I go to work. I told her not to touch anything that not belong with her but she easily forgot my rules. Oh well, I guess it is normal for her because she is too young. I hope that when I come back from work there is no more mess because I do not want to organize stuff when I am tired.

Before I do anything else I am going to finish my search in Graphic Overlays because pretty soon I am going to need some. I heard that offer affordable price when it comes to Custom Labels so I am going to check it out now. I am going to let you know the result as soon I find the Custom Labels that I am looking for. You all enjoy the rest of the day and I hope you have fun. See you for more update thanks for the visit.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning Networks

I am happy that my sister is going to graduate in the next couple days with honors so I am proud of her. I am not going to be there to attend her graduation so I am just going to give her a call and congrats her. She deserves the honor that she got because I know that she study so hard for her to get the medal. I might go back to school but I want to do it online so I am going to check out online learning system because I heard that they offer the courses that I like so later I am going to see my schedule and re arrange it.

Anyway, I am going to encourage you to sign up for a free account and try CoursePark. At their website they offer a large variety of free and paid courses. So, you might wanna check it out right away and check out learning networks for more information. So, what are you waiting for? Check out online courses now!Thanks for the visit and you all have a good one.


Gosh, earlier my eldest daughter was so cranky. I am glad that she is sleeping now so I have to work hard while the are taking a nap. I know that soon my youngest will be awake so I have to keep working while I can so that before I go to work I can have bonding time with them.

My hubby just call me and asking me if I want something to eat that he can bring home. I do not feel like cooking today so I told him to order me chicken sandwich. I even forget to eat my supper lasts night so I better eat that tonight before they trow away my food. Anyway, I am going to work hard now see you later folks.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Laptop Sleeve

When I go to work I do not keep my laptop in a safe place. The other day my daughter got into it and she broke my laptop. Normally, she does not play my laptop I guess when dad was so busy the other day she sneak up and got into my stuff. Oh well, I am glad that my friend is coming over and going to fixed my broken stuff. I am going to make sure next time that I am going to take care of my stuff before I left in the house. I am also going to check out laptop sleeve because my old one need to be replace.

My hubby keeps bugging me that it is time to purchase a new one so of course I am going to grab the opportunity that he is allowing me to spend money into a new laptop sleeves so I am lucky. Anyway, I hope you all having a good day and thanks for the visit friends. See you later for more update.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hyundai Genesis Dealer

I am not sure how my hubby handle the stuff. Everyday he has to bring me to work and pick me up. The girls need to go with us all the time because we cannot leave them at home. I know his job is tiring but he does not complain so I am really lucky that he has a lot of patience.

I know that soon I need to look for a car so that I can drive by myself going to work. I am going to check out Hyundai Genesis Dealer because according from my friend they offer good deal when it comes to car. My hubby will be happy for sure when I will found the car that I am looking for. I really like to take a look of hyundai genesis cars because it is affordable and the quality of this car is really a must. So, if you are like me searching for cars I will recommend you to check out hyundai genesis sedan right now!


Last night I feel like stupid because I am the only one does not know that we have over time. Well, I was already ready to go home when she told me that we have to work late today. I told her that I did not know so I have to go because my hubby was waiting in the parking lot.

She understands so she let me go. Tonight, I will be working late so I need extra energy. We have the overtime for a hour I guess so I will be home 2:00am. I am happy that we have over time because that will be extra $$$ for me. My hubby and I need money so I need to work outside and online.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good time thanks for the visit.

Monday, March 14, 2011

West Palm Beach in Florida

I am so excited because my hubby and I am going to visit West Palm Beach in Florida sometimes this year. I cannot wait to go there because I heard a lot of this place and the stuff that we can do while we are there. My daughter keep asking when we were going there and seems like she cannot wait either. We were going to have the fun for sure since we were going to visit also our dearly friends that live there. I heard that she loves the place so I am going to ask her to show us around so that easier for us to find the tourist destination.

She even mention that if we need oil changes while we are in their just let her know because she knows where to bring us. I know that she always look for quality work so she will not let us down in case we need it. My plan when we get there is I am going to check out used cars so that I can give my car to my daughter. Anyway, that is all for now and see you for more update.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

She Thinks

My daughter wakes up and I do not know what the heck she thinks she pull her dress up and then pee in the carpet. I am upset because she should did it in the bathroom instead of doing it in the carpet. I guess she is too tired to run in the bathroom so she has to do it where she taught it was her bathroom.

Well, she did it already so I cannot do anything even I complain and complain here. All I can do right now is clean up the pee and talk to her about it. She went to the living room and lay down in there. I know that she is still tired so when she wake up later I am going to talk to her. See you later guys, thanks for the visit.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I can tell that my hubby is tired also because this morning he did not even say goodbye to me before he went to work. I call and remind him that I was waiting for him to come in the house and say goodbye to me and he really taught that he did say goodbye to me before he left this morning. Oh well, both of us is not getting enough sleep for the past few days so I cannot blame him for that.

Anyway, now that I have a job I am going to check out some insurance. I am going to compare the rates of it since I really want to save money so whatever the low price I am going to go with it. Saving money is so important to us right now so I hope I will find the insurance that will suit for us. I know that were paying too much right now when it comes to life insurance and mortgage so I am going to start my comparison now. Be back later folks and thanks for the visit.

Wide Awake

I woke up so early in the morning and I have to go back to sleep pretty soon so that later I have the energy to work. I am going to be home late so I am going to hurry so that I get the rest that I need. My two daughters are wide awake right now so I am going to put them to sleep also.

I barely get enough sleep so I hope later I will sleep good. I do not have to work in the weekend so I am happy. I am going to go shopping tomorrow so it will be a fun day for me. I like to go shopping all the time, and my hubby knows it. I just like to get out in the house so I am going to enjoy it.

What about you guys what you up too? Anyway, just enjoy the day and be happy.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Slot Machines

My girls are complaning right now that the are hungry and so am I, my youngest daughter is still drinking her bottle so right after I feed her I am going to make something so that we can eat for lunch. We just did eat not too long ago but it was not enough because we just have cereal for brekfast. Since I will not be busy later I am going to check out the stuff that will entertain me while my hubby is working.

I told him last night that I am going to play slot machines online so he did not care at all. As long I am happy he is happy for me. I am lucky that my hubby supports me in everyway so I do not have problem asking him when I want something. I hope she does not work this weekend so that both of us can play slot machines online. I am sure he will going to enjoy it also because he likes to play games during his spare time. Anyway, I might invite my friends as well to come into my house this weekend so that we can do some fun. I guess one of them is playing slot machines so I better do my cleaning now so that the house is ready for company. Thanks for the visit folks.

Time Flies

Wow, time fly really fast when you're having fun. I did not even notice that I did not post this site of mine for a long time. I taught I just updated it not too long ago and here I am to find out that it was about three months since the last time I updated this blog. I did not try to abandoned this blog I was just busy with something else.

I am going to do my best to update this blog because this is the first blog I created. I hope you keep visiting still even I do not update much. Anyway, time for me to check out my daughter she is whining right now so I am sure she needs me. It is time for a diaper change so see you later and thanks for the visit.