Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stay At Home

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

Being a stay at home mom means I spend a lot of time watching TV but it’s not the kind of stuff you’d expect. My friends are really into Oprah reruns and talk shows and things like that and you wouldn’t believe it but I’ve gotten really, really into football. I watch all kinds of highlight shows and SportCenter (because we got all these new channels from and now I’ve even joined up with a fantasy league online and they don’t know that I’m a woman. I love being in the know about sports and I’ve always been highly competitive so it’s no surprise to me that I’m into this now. I think my husband would think it’s totally weird, though, so I haven’t told him I’m watching all these sports in case he wants to cancel the TV channels because he thinks I’m ignoring the kids. Of course I’m not ignoring the kids, they always have my undivided attention, well, at least unless the Bears or someone good is playing.

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