Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bloggers Review

I remember when I just start my blog I was so excited to become a member in any blog advertising because I want to earn some money. And of course at the same time I like meeting many different people from all over the world. It is so fun to have communication back home. My friends and relatives are updated of me because they can read my daily input in my blog.

I know lots of blogger like me wants to earn some money through blogging that’s why there doing there best how there blog will going to earn more. Today I am going to introduce you a blog advertising that will going to help bloggers need.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Flower Are You?

You are a unique person who seeks out novelty in life.

An inspiration seeker, you often have to change scenery to recharge.

You don't deal well with structure or rules. You need to do it your own way.

Your ideal relationships are free and flowing. No one can tie you down.

What Flower Are You?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Both of You Wear the Pants

You and your guy seem to have stuck the perfect power balance.
It's not that you don't disagree - it's just that you've learned how to compromise well.

You're both mature enough to know that you can't always get your way...
And usually, you're both adult enough to reach an agreement - even if that sometimes means giving in a little.

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Weather Update

Due to no sleep for two days I wake up this morning so late. When I got up I got surprised we got 4 inches snow. Until now it's snowing so hard, just like after my hubby arrived from work we can't go anywhere.

I'm tired for staying at home for the whole week I have planned to go shopping later tonight but with the weather condition I doubt that we can go somewhere. Grrr I am hoping that it will stop snowing before 6:00pm.

Anyway that's my update for the day I hope you guys having fun see you later in your houses and have a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lucky Day For Me

I was reading in smorty forum the other day when I see this topic "Re: USD15 For An Ads" right away I PM Michele because I was interested what the ads all about then I'm lucky that she get back my e-mail right away.

After waiting for 3 days I got e-mail again from Michele telling me to that I have job to do. Of course I was eager to do the job because it's worth 15$ each and besides you will just going to put some link in your personal post.

Today my mission is accomplish I do the job well and I got paid at the same day. I got 6 ads and I got paid worth 90$. So lucky day for me I don't need to chase opps for the day (lol)BTW if your interested it's not too late yet just go in smorty forum and reply this topic Re: USD15 For An Ads.

I hope this post gave you a hint how you can earn money in few days. Keep Blogging and be happy always!!!

Play This Random Defense Games

Hey guys are you looking online games to play with? I am going to introduce Random Defense games it's a slick new Tower Defense game featuring 10 different maps and loads of levels on your turrets.

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Happy Thursday

Good Morning everyone did you get enough sleep last night? I don't have much sleep I just got two hours sleep since I'm not used that my asawa is not around at night. He work till 7:00am in the morning today.

I was so lazy to get up this morning when he arrived from work. He heard that my daughter complaining and he carry the baby then give her some milk. I get up twice last night to feed here.

I'm not really in a good mood today I wan't to go back to sleep but the problem is I just keep tossing and turning in the bed. So I decided to go online and do my chores. Anyway hope you guys having fun this morning keep blogging and see you later in your houses.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Join Online Beauty Contest

Have you ever heard beauty contest online? If not yet, here is your chance to participate beauty contest online all you need to do is visit this link This is your big chance to expose your beauty on the net and who knows some model agency will discover your beauty. So better check out there website now and join the online beauty contest hurry up and do it now!

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Rating

I don't know what's going on in smorty I left tonight with star rating of 3.50 when I get back from driving and check my account my star rating went down to 3.33 hmmm so scary.

I don't have lots of tasks in smorty my earning for this month is just about 30$ and what more when my star rating goes down? I think less opporutnity for sure. Blogging is so fun especially if your start earning money.

I hope my star rating will not goes down that low I want to have more opps to come so that more money to come (lol) Anyway I want to say goodnight to all keep blogging and be happy always!

Monitor Home Cell Phone

You want to hear some interesting stuff tonight? Earlier when I was online I found this website called monitor home cell phone. This mobiwatcher website caught my attention because it say's you can turns your Mobile Device to a Remote Monitor, Surveillance Alarm, Remote Control, Quick Watcher. Isn't that great news for you guys that you can stay connected to the things you love or people you care by using this mobile device? Sounds very interesting isn't it? Why not visit there website for more information.

Having communication all the time by the things we really care it gives us peace of mind. And the good thing is we can go places without worrying things because we can monitor them anytime anywhere.

If you are a workaholic person you don't need to hurry up to get home through the comfort of your office you can relax and check things using this monitor home cell phone device.

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Are You Like Me?

This morning when I wake up I went straight in the computer wondering if there is opps around. After setting down for couple hours I seen available opps. I grab it quick but darn after submitting my answer the opps was gone it turns to gray quick.

I'm like crazy I have opps waiting for me about 50$ I didn't make it right away because I'm after more opps (lol) So my question is are you like me addict of more opps?

I know it's not that easy to chase opps it requires whole day in front in the computer how I wish it's not grabbing but no choice to follow there rules. Anyway hope you all have fun blogging see you later in your houses.

Get Answers On Credit Card Questions

Are you planning to apply credit card and you have so many question regarding credit card matters? Why not click this link get answers on credit card questions I'm sure this company have all the answer to your question.

In applying a credit card you should be wise and study carefully about the credit card company offers. You need to make sure that you will not going to pay high interests after using the credit card.

When you apply a credit card and the application was approved were very excited to used it. But of course we should put in mind that we should use the credit card for emergency purposes only. Don't spend too much when you can't afford to pay it because I'm sure it will be a big problem in the future.

Anyway when I was online today and do my research about credit cards I found this website called This company offers so many kinds of credits cards like American Express, Capital One Bank, Chase Bank, Citibank and many more. If you are interested in getting credit card I suggest you to visit there website. Just simply click the link I provided.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I am tired of my back ground that's why I decided to change the layout. I taught I save all the links but when I check it was gone. I am going to blog hope and start over again.

Just let me know if your name is not added in my list it will be my pleasure to hear from all of you. anyway see you later in your houses I need to work on this page so that I can start doing my opps also.

Happy blogging all and have a safe friday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cool View

I took this picture 3 days ago. Isn't the view cool? What do you think tell me (lol) Anyway I wanna say goodnight to all I need to go bed soon my eyes are so tired. See you later folks in the morning have a great night and keep blogging!

My Cutify Daughter

This picture was taken during her 3 months old last april 13. I like this picture she look so cute in her lovely dress. Do you agree with me? (lol)My daughter is stil adorable one even she have little changes in her attitude.

She start to become a cranky one and she cried hard when she needs her milk. Hmm I hope she won't give me hard time. Anyway Happy Tuesday folks and see yeah later in your site.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hunting Time For Opps

It's been a while I don't have any opps posted. Why? Because I was so lazy to hunting opps. Every time I go online I'm always late or the opps was taken. I was so lucky today that I able to grab one.

Anyway I fell so tired for the whole day. Maybe later will go somewhere to have some fun. Happy Blogging all and have a fun day!!!

Stay Up Late

How you doing guys? I hope everything goes well. I stay up late last night that's why I get up late. I have plan last night to go church but I was so lazy to get up this morning.

When I wake up I am so sleepy tha't why I decided to go back in bed and get the rest that my body needs. Anyway I hope you all having fun today. Happy sunday and see you in your houses later!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indian Guy

This morning when I wake up I was checking some forums this Co-bloggers blog caught my eyes because when I open his blog I got surprise it was amazing site and very informative one.

Anyway this guy I am talking is come from India. Since I am curious to know about there dialect I go online and search there languages. I learn that they have 15 principal languages. It's so interesting to find out there culture,people living and there history. Anyway if you want more information just click the link here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bored At Home

To get info on the different homes including modular homes that are available, you can find great info on getting a modular or a mobile home in that they are great for financing. You can also get modular home floor plan to look at in case you are unable to view the home online.

Anyway what did I do for the past two days? I forgot (lol) I was so lazy to update things since no opps around. I hope more opps to come so that I have things to do.

I fell so bored staying at home and being in the computer all the time it didn't inspire me anymore. I want to try new things like become independent again.

I talk to my husband about what I fell and he promise me that we were going to work out to get my drivers liscence.

I am so excited about it I hope things well going good I wanna go out by myself I don't want the feelings that I just can go out at home if someone bring me out!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feeling Tired Again

I fell so tired again after tossing and turning last night. I lay down in bed 12:00am and I wake up 3:00am. I just have few hours sleep last night. I’m not in a mood doing any chores but I need to do something. We have planned to go shopping tonight and I am not sure if I am coming. I want to get sleep but I can't sleep. Probably I need a hot bath.

Anyway see yeah later folks happy Tuesday!!!

Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Looking for the great job in the future? Why not undergo cna training. To become a Certified Nursing Assistant it only requires 100 hours of clinical practice and 50 hours of classroom instruction. Isn't that short period of training? Yes it is! After the training you have the big chance to earn good money.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Night

I am so happy tonight after I done the tasks for last minute. I was so nervous I taught I can't make it. I just have four minutes left then finally I made it.Yehey after the pressure for an hour I can sleep good tonight. My husband is snoring now I better follow him soon in bed. Anyway hope you guys have a goodnight happy blogging all and see you around tomorrow!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Latest of Me

This picture was taken 4 days ago. It was snowing hard in our place when I ask my step daughter to took me some picture. I am planning to send recent picture to my parents because they miss my beauty (lol). They wanna see the latest of me & my baby there requesting me to send some picture so here it goes. I don't like picture much because I don't like my looks (lol). I just want to take picture of other but not of myself. I like the weather when it's snowing since I got here I become addict in watching snow. the first time I got here I didn't appreciate the snow much because it was too cold for me. But this second time I experiece winter I love it now!!!

It's For You Boys

Are you the type of guy having problems when it comes to your private property? Today while I was online I found this website called penis enlargement. This company penis enlargement will going to show you how you can correct your problem all you need to do is follow there instruction. For further information about this penis enlargement pills just simply click the link above!

Don't Know

If Im in a hurry sometimes I didn't read things. I was wondering earlier If Im going to write things that I just barely understand. Im not pretty sure what I am writing all I know I just base it on the picture.

Next time I should be careful in clicking things before I commit myself. I don't want that my ratings will be drop down. Until now I have one topic pending and it's near expired. I been thinking if for few days if I wanna do it or not.

But the rules is once you accept the job you should do it or else the account will be banned forever. I just make some experiment and I taught they will going to ignore my request and I got surprised when the accept it so I guess I don't have a choice Im going to do it!!!

Make Money

Tired of going out and looking something to play with at home? Today while I was online I found this cool website called Argent facile this Gagner de l'argent offers bonuses and some promotions. Isn't that good news that the things you love playing you will going to earn some money too. If your curious and wan't some more information about this Devenir riche website just simple click the link I provided.

Rainy Day

Today the weather is like in the philippines it's been raining for the whole day. When I wake up this moorning it was dark. This late afternoon it's start raining and some of the snow in our yard start melting.

I wan't the snow will be all gone so that I can see the green grass in our yard. I can't wait the tree to be alive again and the green looks of it. Right now the tree is still hybernating and the leaves color is orange.

I hope the weather will be ok tomorrow and I can have fun outside. Im planning to have a walk with my daughter if it's not to cold. Anyway hope you guys having fun this sunday happy blogging and be happy always!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ultrasound Tech School

Still planning what course to take up? Why not get Ultrasound technician course. Having medical field career like Ultrasound tech is a good way to serve people and a good way to earn money.

If you’re looking an Ultrasound tech school I suggest you to visit website all you need to do is click the link I provided.

Is My Baby Cute In Pouting?

I took this picture when I meet my friend in the city. My Baby was sleeping good when we arrived in the house until we left. She never wake up she just pout while she was sleeping (lol) My friend just new here in the US. I came here in US last feb 18, 2007 while my friend arrived last feb 19, 2008. We got married last may 9, 2007 and the were going to get married this coming may 8, 2008. Isn't the date funny the way we arrived and the way the were going to get married. Anyway what do you think if my baby pouting still cute or acute (lol) tell me hahaha have fun everyone and happy weekend!!!

Mortgage Refinance

I & My Husband planning to buy a new home in the city were looking the place which is near from everything like mall, school, and hospital. As of now we live in the province we planned a while ago to move down in the city. It's been a while were searching for a home and which type of loan were going to get since we can't afford to buy a home in cash.

Today while I was online and do some searching about home I found this website called this company offers of loan financing such as mortgages, refinancing, and home equity loans. The good thing about this the have all type of service like home purchase, home refinance & equity line. And you can browse also on there website what type of property your looking for. In buying a home it's exciting and tiring. It's requires some research and compare all loan types to find which one best suits you need to be wise and select the best.

If you're looking for a home I suggest you to visit Mortgage Refinance website. That entire question that you have they can answer it. And the good news about this Mortgage Refinance will help you with your mortgage loan process.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Many Opps Last Night

Last night when I go log in at smorty I seen many campaigns I try to grab one and it works. When I try to submit my posts its always says time out or anchor text cannot be found. I send e-mail to them they told me to check the code that they gave me.

I try to check it many times and stil didn't work whatever I do. I have 11 hours to submit my post if still later stil the same problem in submitting my posts I don't have choice to remove the tasks. I need to let go 6bucks.

I don't want my rating will become more worser it drop done already so I need to be careful this time. I check smorty forum and there having same problem with me. Hope the system of smorty will be ok soon. I miss opps but I prefer my rating to be the same.

Credit Cards

My husband told me to research about Credit Card. I go online today and I found this website called On this site there are many options you can choose which Credit Card issuers you want. They have American Express, Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Discover and many more.

Having a Credit Cards is a good choice in case of emergency we can use it. But of course we need to be responsible for our action.We don't need to use the credit card if it’s not really important. Spending wisely is very important I understand how tempting to use the credit card if we want something and we don't have money but think what will be the result if we spend too much.

If you’re planning to get a Credit Cards I suggest to make some research first and after your research compare were you can get lower interest website the feature all the credit cards your looking for.Visit there website and make a decision which credit card you want. The application is so easy you can do it online.

For further information about this credit card online application visit there website now and click the link I provided.

My Baby

If you just had a baby and you're not sure what name to call your baby, there are different baby sites out there that you can get information on differnt things like safety and how to save for college.

Anyway this is my favorite spot of my daughter when she is tired of laying down in our bed. I didn't spoiled my baby too much in carrying her. I don't want when Im busy she will ask me to carry her.
If I am busy in the kitchen I always put her on on this seat when she cry I use my feet to rock her or turn on the vibrating thing so that she can relax. I'm happy that my baby is always cooperate me when Im doing things.
Now that Im online she is just on the other side behaving like a big girl. Im so lucky to have her she is a sweatheart and pretty. I hope she will grow up with big heart and will listen always to us.

Payday Loans

During my working days even I received a weekly salary there are times that my income is not enough to pay lots of bills. I always encounter shortage of money what I am going to do if I really need the money bad I am going to borrow in a lender company with high interests. Sometimes when I am in a hurry I didn’t think much what will be the outcome in borrowing money with high interests.

Yes I survive for a while after having the money but the worst thing is paying with high interest give me headache in thinking and budgeting my salary. That time I learn my lesson I should be careful in selecting lending company.

Today while I am searching some lending company I found this website called This company is a great site because after having the Payday loans the offer flexible payment options and a discrete service. It's great news to those people who can't pay the money right away.

If you’re short in cash I suggest you to visit the Payday loans website. They offer quick cash all you need to do is fill up the application online and wait for the approval of there staff. Then after your payday loans approved get the money from your checking or savings account its so easy step to get Payday loans.

For more information just click the link I provided.

Busy Me

It was few days ago now my beauty is kinda busy. I have few more opps pending and Im not done yet. I have extra kids with me to take care of. My Baby is requesting my time I am on & off in the computer.
Last night I decided not to stay up long I was so tired for the whole day and finally when I wake up this moorning I fell good and ready to do chores at home and chores online. Im looking forward to work for the whole day.
I hope my girls cooperate me while Im busy doing things. Right now my baby is awake and I soon it will be her feeding time. Happy Thursday Everyone and be happy always!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Medical Career

Planning to pursue your medical career? Why not take Pharmacy Technician. It’s a good job and the benefits are good. When I was young I always dream to serve people like involving myself in medical mission.

Few months ago my husband offer me to get medical career and I’m thingking to take Pharmacy Tech. As of now Medical career is very in demand and Pharmacy Technician Salary is very good.

So if you guys want to earn more I suggest you to get a medical career training like taking pharmacy technician for more information just click the link and visit there website!!!

Mood for the Day

Since moorning I fell so tired I don't know if Im getting some cold. My throat was so dry and I start coughing. I don't fell to eat anything I just some have chips and one piece corndog for the day.

I hope tomorrow I will fell better I don't want my daughter will get sick its hard if she get sick. I don't do any chores for the day I spend my time laying down and get some rest. Until now I fell so tired even I rest for the whole day.

I try to go online this afternoon to finish my tasks but Im not in a good mood to think and to write. I have some opps for few days now and Im not done hope soon I will finish my tasks and be done with it.

Anyway hope you guys having fun Im going to roam your house as soon I can thanks for dropping by and be happy!!!

Free Health Insurance Quote Today

Many people don’t want to pay health insurance. There reason is they just seldom get sick. They didn’t realize when it comes to emergency they need to pay more compare if they have health insurance. Having health insurance is good way to put family in safe because if they fell something wrong in there health they can go hospital anytime they want. Not like if the people don’t have health insurance they almost don’t want to see doctor even there sick because they are worried about the cost.

Nowadays there is many companies that offer health insurance but some of them asking too much. In selecting health insurance we should be wise and be sure that those money were paying for our health insurance is worth. We should select those health insurance that affordable one and the company is a reputable one. If you are the person paying too much in your health insurance why not check other company and get your free Health Insurance Quote .

Health is very important that's why if you don't have Health Insurance until now I suggest to get some. I know we can save bucks for not paying monthly but think the future what If have some emergency happen? So better get your free Health Insurance Quote today and think wise just click the link above!!!

What Kind Of Wine I am

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).Deep down you are: Dependable and modestYour partying style: Understated and politeYour company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

I like to drink wine in some special ocassion, I grab this thing from Lau if you wanna try it just click here

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Car Loans

When I was in the Philippines I am not interested in having cars I can go places without it. If I want to go out I ride Train, Jeepney, and Taxi. Since I got here in US my life change I can’t go out anytime I want because I don’t know how to drive I just can go out if hubby bring me somewhere. The place were we live requires to have own cars they don’t have passenger bus or train available in our Area.That’s why I need to force myself to learn how to drive. Now that I’m in the process in learning how to drive I’m asking my hubby to get me a Car Loans.

Today while I was doing my searching about Car Loans I found this website called This company offers the lowest interest rates available with affordable monthly payments when it comes to Car Loans. All I know we can’t afford to buy the car in cash right now that’s why we need to undergo in monthly payments. I think paying in monthly not that heavy in pocket.

Anyway If you are the person looking for Car Loans I recommend you to visit website for more info just click the link above!!!

Precious Baby

Isn't My Daughter cute? like me (lol) I didn't realize that my baby growing so fast it just like I have her in my tummy just not too long ago. We went shopping twice this week to buy her some stuff all the clothes that she have didn't fit her anymore. And oh my she make me really fell good all the time by giving me cute smile. And until now She's still a good baby she don't cry much as long she is not hungry. I can't wait to hear her first word I am wondering what it will be (lol) I hope its Mom hahaha having a baby is very worth and my baby is so precious!!!

Engagement Rings

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