Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The www.quicktrimcelluslim.com is a website you should check out if you are looking for a product that will meant to eliminate your cellulite. I know when my sisters hear this news for sure she will going to be excited because right now she is looking for a right product that will eliminates her cellulite problem.

Later I am going to call her after I finish my supper. I am hungry right now so I am going to finish my food then talk to her for a little bit. You all enjoy the rest of the night I will be back later.


I am not sure why my daughter is so scared of vacuum I guess it is the sounds which our vacuum is not that noisy at all. Earlier I know that she will cry when I start vacuuming so I tell her that Mom will going to use the vacuum.

Right away, after she heard me she runs into our room and close the door. I check her out after few minute of vacuuming oh boy I saw her so scared. She was on the top of our bed and hugging tight the teddy bear. I feel bad after I saw her on that situation because there is nothing to be scared of. I am not sure if she will going to get over her fear of vacuum soon because if not I guess there is something wrong.

Hair Loss

I know a person that always wear a hat when he goes somewhere. He is somewhat shy to show his head because he is dealing with hair loss problem. I understand why he has to do that because back home sometimes people make fun when they saw a person does not have a hair.

Well, good thing that right now, there are some company out there that offer cure for hair loss which is good news for a person having a hair loss problem. Anyway, I am going to go in the bed to check some stuff bye for now and thanks for the visit friends.

Went Shopping

My hubby and I left this afternoon we went shopping and I taught I am going to have some fun but I did not because I was so tired of walking few hours in the store. Right now I have a headache but I cannot go to bed because I need to do some chores before I rest.

I do not want to work late tomorrow because I will be very tired on the night and I need extra energy for thursday. I am going to finish some chores tonight to make sure that I can rest tomorrow for a little bit.

Loss Weight

My friend and I have chitchat tonight in the phone and we have a good laugh. Although there are some stuff that bothers her because right now she want to loss weight but it is somewhat hard for her.

I should tell her to check out the alli weight loss website so that she read more information about it. I heard from people that the alli weight loss help them so I guess there is no harm in checking it out. Anyway, have a good day all and bye for now!


I just got home from picking up the girls from school good thing I do not have to work today because I have so many stuffs to do in the house and online. I am not half way done with my chores so tonight probably I am going to work late.

I have a good rest though so I have the energy to do all the work since I do not have to work tomorrow. I know Thursday will be busy day because we have to work all day long.


My hubby and I am always conscious about our health that is why we keep reading about health stuff that will give us benefits in the end. Well, today when I was browsing some site I read about hgh spray which is really caught my interest because it says that hgh spray can help enhance memory, improve sleep and many more.

Well, I should let hubby read it tonight I am sure he is going to be excited when I tell him the good news. Anyway, thanks for the visit and you all have the fun.

Shit Happens

I am supposed to work today but it did not happen because shit happens LOL. No one will going to babysat my daughter because my friends daughter is sick. Well, it meant I guess that is why there is a reason things happen.

I was so tired yesterday so I went to bed early because the other night my daughter is sleepless and all of us in the bed cannot go sleep because she keeps crying or whining the whole night. Finally, last night we sleep well and I feel better after I wake up this morning.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laptop Memory

I am sure that my laptop needed a new laptop memory because yesterday it blink or shut off. Well, it is been awhile that I did not replace any parts so I guess I cannot complain in buying a new memory for my laptop.

My hubby does not care at all if I buy one because he knows that the laptop is so important for my online chores so he completely understand. I already know where to buy the laptop memory so check it out the link above if you need laptop memory for some reason. Bye for now and thanks for the visit.

Baby Talk

I have the two girls right now in our house. The two girls are fighting because they needed me both. My daughter will going to tell the other girl not to touch me. She screams that it is my MOM NO NO meaning do not touch me. The other one told her that I am also her MOM so both of them can share me.

It is so funny they sound really cute when their not getting along. Well, I explain to my daughter that she does not need to get jealous because I love them both you know. Right now they're still having a baby talk and I really like listening to it. Anyway, I hope you all have a goodnight.