Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girls Birthday

I know I will be busy preparing my girls birthday celebration. Their birthday will be on week days but I am going to do it on the weekend so that some of my friend can come to attend the birthday party.

I cannot believe that there growing so fast and it means I am getting older. I am going to enjoy them while they are little because when they grow up it will going to be a big change for sure. I cannot wait the day that I am going to become a grandma just kidding I hope it will not be too soon because I want my kids to stay little.

You all have a good one!

Stay At Home

I appreciate the guest post, Rodrigo Coffey

Being a stay at home mom means I spend a lot of time watching TV but it’s not the kind of stuff you’d expect. My friends are really into Oprah reruns and talk shows and things like that and you wouldn’t believe it but I’ve gotten really, really into football. I watch all kinds of highlight shows and SportCenter (because we got all these new channels from and now I’ve even joined up with a fantasy league online and they don’t know that I’m a woman. I love being in the know about sports and I’ve always been highly competitive so it’s no surprise to me that I’m into this now. I think my husband would think it’s totally weird, though, so I haven’t told him I’m watching all these sports in case he wants to cancel the TV channels because he thinks I’m ignoring the kids. Of course I’m not ignoring the kids, they always have my undivided attention, well, at least unless the Bears or someone good is playing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am just so tired I do not have the patience teaching my big girl. I should not act like that but I cannot help it I need rest. Pretty much I am wore out working all day long chores. I know that she needs my help but I need rest too, in order to have the energy tomorrow.

I am just going to make it up to her tomorrow. For now I need plenty of rest because I barely have sleep since my little one is not feeling so well. Anyway, bye for now and have a safe new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011


I really did not enjoy the Christmas because all I have to do for few weeks are clean and clean it just like never ending cleaning. Oh well, I guess next time I am not going to host the party because everytime I have a party I have a lot of work.

It is ok I guess if my kids are big enough and they can take care of themselves. Anyway, the most important my girls have a blast and it does not matter how I fell. I just need to relax and everything will be ok. You all guys have the fun and thanks for the visit.