Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pond Pumps

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My daughter wants my attention right now, she is been hugging my two hands and do not want me to go online. My husband told me that I do not give her enough attention that is why she is seeking for it.

Well, I guess he is right because when I go to work she stays in the house all day longs and then after I arrived from work I am going to do some chores. It is somewhat hard to manage my time because I have to do many stuff.

Well, I am sure that she will understand when she grows up that MOMMY need to work. She need accept the fact when sge gets older. Anyway, that is all for now and you all have a good night.

Acne Treatments

Since I came here in US I do not have much communication to my family like my brother. I just find out that he is leaving for abroad pretty soon for work. I know it is hard to leave his own family especially that he knows that he will be far away from them for couple years.

Yesterday, I decided to call him and he was so happy to hear from me. We talk and talk and we did not realize that my load is about gone. Well, right now he is also having a problem when it comes to acne and he asked asks a suggestion what is the best acne treatments he should used. Good thing that I know that can help him to solve his problem because they offer systematically categorize products based on the following criteria such as Safety, Efficacy, Value, Quality and many more.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


My daughter is so sleepy right now, she is seating next to me while I was surfing online. I have to go to bed soon because I have to work tomorrow and I am going out earlier tomorrow than normal time.

I am going to check out my schedule soon to make sure I am right. I am not sure were I put my schedule so I am going to look for it. I pity my daughter because even she is so sleepy she will going to wait for me to come to bed and lay down with her.

Anyway, I am going to get ready in bed now and you all have a good night. See you later for more update.

Mortgage Life Insurance

Gosh, I have so much fun today. I went to the baby shower and it was an awesome party. I meet many people there and they are all friendly. After I get home my husband is wondering if we can find affordable mortgage life insurance online because right now we need one. While I was searching for mortgage life insurance I came across website.

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