Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Baby

If you just had a baby and you're not sure what name to call your baby, there are different baby sites out there that you can get information on differnt things like safety and how to save for college.

Anyway this is my favorite spot of my daughter when she is tired of laying down in our bed. I didn't spoiled my baby too much in carrying her. I don't want when Im busy she will ask me to carry her.
If I am busy in the kitchen I always put her on on this seat when she cry I use my feet to rock her or turn on the vibrating thing so that she can relax. I'm happy that my baby is always cooperate me when Im doing things.
Now that Im online she is just on the other side behaving like a big girl. Im so lucky to have her she is a sweatheart and pretty. I hope she will grow up with big heart and will listen always to us.

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From the Eyes of my Heart said...

hello Mel =) ang cute ng baby girl mo. mukha nga cyang mabait!! yeah many people are saying na wag sanayin ang baby sa karga kasi hahanapin nila. May your baby grow up strong and healthy! God bless =)