Saturday, April 12, 2008

Indian Guy

This morning when I wake up I was checking some forums this Co-bloggers blog caught my eyes because when I open his blog I got surprise it was amazing site and very informative one.

Anyway this guy I am talking is come from India. Since I am curious to know about there dialect I go online and search there languages. I learn that they have 15 principal languages. It's so interesting to find out there culture,people living and there history. Anyway if you want more information just click the link here.


autumn said...

i guess, every country has an interesting culture, people and history. lol. but the best part of that is to get a chance to visit it. anyway, i just dropped by. you got a cool site. =]

mightydacz said...

hello mel its me ronald your classmate in sunnyhill,isnt it india is your topic that you discussed at ms medel class if i am not mistaken.take care