Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mood for the Day

Since moorning I fell so tired I don't know if Im getting some cold. My throat was so dry and I start coughing. I don't fell to eat anything I just some have chips and one piece corndog for the day.

I hope tomorrow I will fell better I don't want my daughter will get sick its hard if she get sick. I don't do any chores for the day I spend my time laying down and get some rest. Until now I fell so tired even I rest for the whole day.

I try to go online this afternoon to finish my tasks but Im not in a good mood to think and to write. I have some opps for few days now and Im not done hope soon I will finish my tasks and be done with it.

Anyway hope you guys having fun Im going to roam your house as soon I can thanks for dropping by and be happy!!!

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