Monday, April 21, 2008

My Rating

I don't know what's going on in smorty I left tonight with star rating of 3.50 when I get back from driving and check my account my star rating went down to 3.33 hmmm so scary.

I don't have lots of tasks in smorty my earning for this month is just about 30$ and what more when my star rating goes down? I think less opporutnity for sure. Blogging is so fun especially if your start earning money.

I hope my star rating will not goes down that low I want to have more opps to come so that more money to come (lol) Anyway I want to say goodnight to all keep blogging and be happy always!

1 comment:

retchel said...

same here rating goes since wla ng campaigns nila..wla na rin ako paki...hehe

anyway just droppng by here..I have added you on my other blog..and if u have pls visit this Retchel‘s Product Review