Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lucky Day For Me

I was reading in smorty forum the other day when I see this topic "Re: USD15 For An Ads" right away I PM Michele because I was interested what the ads all about then I'm lucky that she get back my e-mail right away.

After waiting for 3 days I got e-mail again from Michele telling me to that I have job to do. Of course I was eager to do the job because it's worth 15$ each and besides you will just going to put some link in your personal post.

Today my mission is accomplish I do the job well and I got paid at the same day. I got 6 ads and I got paid worth 90$. So lucky day for me I don't need to chase opps for the day (lol)BTW if your interested it's not too late yet just go in smorty forum and reply this topic Re: USD15 For An Ads.

I hope this post gave you a hint how you can earn money in few days. Keep Blogging and be happy always!!!


retchel said...

will try to contact this..thanks for posting..

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lady influence said...

congrats..that's a lot of money here sa pinas! $90 for a day is really big.. hmmm...sali kaya ako? ill let you know if magkakapera din ako dito..nakita ko to sa smorty but i just ignored.. now that you really got paid ill check it out..

princesa said...

wow! that's so cool! what do you have to do? just write a personal post and add the advertisers link to your post?

Babette said...

Hi Mel, thanks for this info. Let me know what needs to be done. :)

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Mummy Sheng said...

hi! thanks for the offer. but what should i do? i am not into paid blogging so i don't have any idea about that.

mind giving me some infos?


Shiela said...

yes sure. pls refer me so that i can earn as well.
thank you very much.

Bill & Gina said...

yeah i am very interested. So what do i do just go to smorty?Go ahead and submit me. Thanks