Friday, February 18, 2011

Slot Machines

My girls are complaning right now that the are hungry and so am I, my youngest daughter is still drinking her bottle so right after I feed her I am going to make something so that we can eat for lunch. We just did eat not too long ago but it was not enough because we just have cereal for brekfast. Since I will not be busy later I am going to check out the stuff that will entertain me while my hubby is working.

I told him last night that I am going to play slot machines online so he did not care at all. As long I am happy he is happy for me. I am lucky that my hubby supports me in everyway so I do not have problem asking him when I want something. I hope she does not work this weekend so that both of us can play slot machines online. I am sure he will going to enjoy it also because he likes to play games during his spare time. Anyway, I might invite my friends as well to come into my house this weekend so that we can do some fun. I guess one of them is playing slot machines so I better do my cleaning now so that the house is ready for company. Thanks for the visit folks.

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