Sunday, April 19, 2009

After I went to Holiday

Earlier, while I was preparing for lunch my hubby told me that he is going to run to town to get some parts. I told him that I am going with him because I am going to buy my favorite bread at Holiday station. So, my hubby waited me for few minutes for me to get ready.

While we are on the way we seen old grandma doing 35miles per hour while the speed limit is 55 so, my hubby decided to pass them so that we do not need to wait that long.

After I went to Holiday station I seat down in the truck and wait for my hubby to be done shopping. At, few minutes staying in the truck here comes the old grandma knocking my window.

I was scared at first because I do not know what she wants, after hesitating for few seconds I decided to talk to her and good thing that I found out that she just want to know the exact direction that the place there heading.

So, that's all for now and enjoy your day!

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