Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Blogging

My hubby and I go out today. We go for driving and pick up the girls he wants me to learn how to drive. My road test is coming up pretty soon... So I need to be prepared. Although he didn't expect that I am going to pass the skills test but still I need to practice.

Who knows that day "Miracles" comes LOL... still I will do my best so that my road test will went good. I will let you know the result when it happens.

Anyway, happy blogging guys and thanks for reading the What Color Day Are You Having?

Today is the kind of day that challenges you to the core. You're going to have to stay cool.
You have the intelligence, skills, and drive to rise to the occasion. Your mind is sharp.

While things may be a bit chaotic, you are still taking the time to reflect and be calm.
Today you are extra attractive and interesting to people. You are giving off a detached vibe, which is very intriguing.

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