Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rain Barrels

I am thinking in saving money and at the same time purchasing rain barrels so that we can lower our water bills. I heard that barrel can quickly fill with water in a short amount of time.

I can use the water in many ways such as watering my plants or yard everyday. That way I can save electricity. Anway, I have to talk to my hubby first and I will let you know the result.

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RIK said...

Mel's World, is getting "greener." You've got the right idea, and the smartest thing you can do if you have rain gutters to channel water from to your rain barrels would be to get more than one barrel. Ever drop of rainwater you can harvest into your barrels is worth more than the "lottery" when it comes to paying your water bills. There are close to 100 items that rainwater can be used on or for.

Just be sure to keep those rain gutters "squeaky" clean all year long so when that unexpected rain comes you will harvest cleaner and more rain than ever.

We keep our rain gutters clean by a method that is easier, faster, cleaner, and safely than any on the market today and no ladder needed.

Check out where we got ours and see for yourself how it can help keep those gutters clean and you harvest more rainwater. Its at and you can read all their testimonials from their customers as well. Even mine!