Saturday, May 24, 2008


Everyone is sleeping until now, when I open my eyes right away I made breakfast for myself because I was so hungry. I didn’t eat enough well last night because I was so tired from no sleep last few days.

I was so lazy to get up this morning but I don’t have choice because I can fell that things is spinning from so much hunger. We have lots of food in the kitchen but lately I realize I don't have much appetite in food I don't know why sometimes I just eat once a day.

I don't want to lose weight anymore because right now I am malnourish (lol) Anyway Happy Saturday all and have a nice weekend everybody.

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Mira said...

Hi, I'm also lazy to eat sometimes, you're not alone, lol. When sleepy and hungry at the same time, I'd rather sleep than eat ;-) Btw, got your link from Barb's (Babette) tagboard. Can we xlinks?
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