Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spock Community

One time I remember at my co-bloggers website there is a guy searching for his long lost friend. They haven't met for many years and he want to search his friend over on the net by spreading some personal information and some photos.

Today when I was online I remember that story when I seen this website called Spock. What is Spock? Is the first editable search engine for finding people on the web. You can search people that you know using there search engine and even those people that might interest you like celebrities, singer and many more.

At Spock community you can search also photos, videos, and blogs about people. If I were you guys try this website who knows? You will find what you’re looking for. So Folks I suggest you to sign up at Spock website now! And create a community so that you have the chance to meet someone. Of course I am interested in joining this social community later if I am not busy I am going to create an account.

Again if you’re looking for some people you can use Spock website. Remember that Spock have project that involves every person in the world. If you want to know more information just simply click the link that I provided and have fun searching.

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